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Curated by | Küratör : Rafet Arslan

06.01 - 03.02.2022



“For a society in which we will not be ashamed of being a man...”

We live life with many questions that we cannot answer, one of which is why people resort to so much violence. So, what should we do in order to eradicate violence by a human on another human, on an animal or on nature. Well, what should we do in order to reduce and eliminate the violence of human to hu- man, human to animal and human to nature?

In this path with a solution recipe containing many items such as education, love, family and culture, we all need to fight tirelessly, and the ruling parties must create the appropriate climate for it. I believe that masculine power and authority must first stop the violence and discrimination against all living things in order to destroy this urge that waits for the right moment to emerge.

Such irresponsible and arbitrary behaviors have ugly consequences that we can never accept, such as invisible forms of pain, unrepairable wounds, and damaged souls. By showing you in their metaphorical forms the souls and their layers of pain that have gradually accumulated since their infancy, this exhibition series aims at making you feel empathy for and internalize the pain and helplessness experienced by all living beings and especially women exposed to violence in our country and in the world at large.

“For a society in which we will not be ashamed of being a man...”


Metin Ünsal


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